Pictures of the Joanie Tales Characters (in part)

Here’s a photo collage of some of the characters you’ll hear about in Joanie Tales.  Merlin is our fawn-colored mutt with a black muzzle; Pinot is our yellow Lab who’s fox red with a liver-colored nose;  Fred, not ours but DTS’s rescue, is small, white, and fluffy (but huge in heart!); Chessie is our chocolate Lab with golden brown eyes;  and Tuc is our black Lab with chocolate brown eyes. The two old-fart humans on the middle right of the collage are me (in the white shirt) and DH (with a white goatee). At the collage’s bottom right corner you’ll find Tuc giving me sloppy Lab kisses.   There ya go!  Now you have faces with names — all the better to enjoy Joanie Tales with.


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The Cast of Characters in Joanie Tales

For some readers, this post will be old news.  But since I’m re-entering the blogging world after a 12-year hiatus, I thought I’d begin Joanie Tales with a clean slate. That means I’m assuming that many readers will know next-to-nothing about me or my family or my crazy life or my crazy crew. Here’s your chance to get to know (or reacquaint yourself with, if that’s the case) the people and canines of my world and the acronyms I use as shorthand to reference them:

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Back into Blog Land Again

It’s been twelve years.

Roughly 4,380 days, give or take a few leap years.

Nearly one fifth of my lifetime so far.

That’s how much time has elapsed since I blogged regularly.

I exited the blog-o-sphere in 2007, just about the time blogs and blogging grew exponentially in popularity.   Leave it to me to pull out when things were finally getting good for bloggers.   Ai yi yi.

But life changed for me back then. A loved one’s world collapsed, and my heart with it. The world changed. How I viewed the world changed.

I changed.

And I had nothing left to say.

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