Wigglebutt Wednesday: Tuc

Bubby Tuc:  “Look, Momma, I have a bone!  Really!  I have a bone! See!  I have a bone!”

Oh, Tuc, buddy…. 😀


Love my Tuc Bubby. He makes me smile.

Happy Wigglebutt Wednesday!

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I'm a middle-aged woman, a love-my-seeester twin, a happy 37-year wife to my BFF, mother of four terrific thirty-something kids, MeeMaw to three precious grands, Momma to three Labrador retrievers (Pinot, Tuc, and Chessie) and silly mutt named Merlin, and all around kid-at-heart who loves the outdoors, finds giggle-factor in the ordinary, and is relishing this Autumn phase of her life. It may be Autumn, but there's so much more to learn and explore! Won't you join me?

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