Dirt Road Ramblings (formerly Joanie Tales)

When I made my return to blogging a few weeks ago, I mentioned that “Joanie Tales” was my new blog’s default title only because I couldn’t think of anything better. I also needed something I could come up with quickly before I lost my courage to start blogging again.

“Joanie Tales” seemed like a fitting spin-off from “LabTails” (my blog from years ago for which I was known best), a name that could be easily remembered by those who know me, and one that suited my wear-my-hair-back-in-a-ponytail style.

It worked as a starter name. But only as a starter name.

I don’t, however, think “Joanie Tales” fits. It isn’t accurate.

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Stepping Back

As I looked through my kitchen window yesterday morning, this is what I saw.

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[Sidenote: Ignore the little white spaceship-looking saucers high in the trees; those are reflections of my kitchen’s ceiling lights 😛 ]

The angle of the view is the same (same line of sight).  The sunrise is the same (well, since each shot was taken seconds apart, the sunrise wouldn’t technically be identical as the sun continued to rise during those few seconds, but let’s just assume it’s the same sunrise for now).   The direction of the picture remains a constant due east.

Though the subject matter (the sunrise) of the two shots is the same, these turned out to be very different pictures. IMHO, anyway. They evoke different responses, energies and thoughts and feelings.

All I did was step back, and the entire view changed.


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